The 3C’s model of an effective marketing strategy

One of the most effective and proven marketing strategy that work for the B2B model is the ‘ 3C’s model’. It’s a process for defining strategies. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity.

For businesses, especially smaller organizations, ‘strategy’ is something they do not want to invest their time in. They are too busy keeping customers happy and occupied with daily operational tasks that they can no longer sit and strategize.

Regardless of the size of the organization, the 3C framework is an amazing tool for defining strategy. Even if your company is at a point where strategy feels like a luxury, the 3C’s model will help you think about strategy

The 3C’s model are Company, Customer, and Competitor. The right combination of these 3 things result in a good strategy:

3C's model

There are many more strategy models out there, but this one concludes almost all parameters. For the work we do helping mid-sized B2B companies articulate and implement marketing plans, this model works very well.

Here’s how to implement it:

Company — this is for your internal analysis.
3 key questions to be answered:

  1. What are our competencies (what are we really good at?)
  2. What are our aspirations (what do we want to do?)
  3. What resources do we have?

The next two sections are for external analysis.


  1. Who are the customers or Your Target Audience?
  2. What are their needs?
  3. How do they buy?
  4. How much do they buy?


  1. What are your competitors offering (and not offering) that your customers need?
  2.  What can you offer which your competitors can not (unique selling point)?
  3. How do your competitors reach out to the target audience that does not connect well with customers?

After analyising and understanding the above 3 C’s model, You’ll be able to define:

  • What should you offer
  • How should you offer it
  • What would be your unique value proposition and market positioning
  • Your message that will connect with your target audience

I hope this blog would have helped you gain some new insights into strategizing your marketing plan and will add value to your business.

Are you looking to scale up your business online but cannot decide where to start? Or you would like to think outside the box and generate new strategies?, try using this model to think about your strategy or If you need any help, We are always here to help! You can always reach out to us at info@adwordyse.com

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