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Adwordyse is a team of deeply talented and young marketing enthusiasts who love each aspect of Digital Marketing almost as much we love our customers

Social Media is NOT a Broadcast Platform.

Social Media Marketing is all about building audiences and communities by creating quality content and tailoring experiences that they will talk about and share.

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Target the Right Audience and get Quality Leads from your Social Media Handles

Are you among the other 68% of business professionals who feel like generating leads is the biggest challenge? Getting relevant and qualified traffic to your site doesn’t have to be a struggle. We Know, you can smash those sales targets and beat the competition with the help of an integrated, data-driven social media marketing strategy. While we implement many kinds of marketing methods, the one thing in common is that each one targets the right audience who are willing to be your customers.

Case Studies

Digital Strategy for Super Specialty Hospital


  • Competing with the big healthcare brands in the UAE healthcare industry, This Hospital wanted to establish its name as the center of excellence for orthopedic and sports medicine treatment and increase online booking


  • Adwordyse Implemented a 360 approach to reach out to the maximum audience lying under the target parameters on different platforms, executed multiple PPC campaigns to generate leads and implemented chat support functionality to help customer support team to convert easily thereby helping us track the patient's digital footprints


  • Total marketing budget spend was 10,000 USD with an outstanding return of 190,000 USD and massive increase in the number of followers on all social media platforms

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