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Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Marketing Manager A digital marketing manager is in charge of creating, executing, and overseeing marketing initiatives that promote a business’s goods and/or services. He or she is critical in increasing brand recognition and generating website traffic and gaining leads/customers in the digital domain. A digital marketing manager supervises the marketing staff and offers assistance […]

Types of Email Marketing 

6 Types of Email Marketing Which is Very Effective

Types of Email Marketing The internet is awash with tips, tactics, and recommendations for creating visually appealing emails. And, although many marketers seem to grasp the fundamentals — personalise the language, make the call-to-action stand out, segment your list — many continue to neglect an essential component of good email marketing: emails must also have […]

Online Growth of Real Estate

The Online Growth of Real Estate Industry’s

Online Growth of Real Estate Indian’s Internet usage has more than doubled in the last decade. According to Google data, around 40% of the US population had Internet connection in 2000. Today, that figure exceeds 80%. The Internet has become ingrained in the everyday lives of the majority of Americans, transforming how we live, work, […]

logistics growth in india

How’s the Logistics Growth In India

Logistics Growth In India The logistics industry is considered a vital area to boost international exchange in the light of digitalisation and globalisation. The logistics and freight industry, as the backbone of the Indian economy, evolves quickly to ensure that commodities are transported quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively throughout the country. In India’s logistics market, new […]